Neighborhood Organization

In 1978 neighbors formed Old North Knoxville, Inc. to work towards providing a safe, clean, and productive place to live, as well as to promote the preservation of the neighborhood. Old North Knoxville is designated as a National Historic District and much of the neighborhood is protected by H-1 zoning.

Neighborhood activities include an annual Victorian Holiday Home Tour, monthly potluck dinners, greenway and park clean-up days, street and alley clean-up days, a neighborhood watch program, a neighborhood orchard and garden, and an annual ice cream social.

You can review the by-laws of Old North Knoxville, Inc.

The current officers of the organization are:

President: Susie Laise Smith
Vice President: Jessica Larsen Varney
Secretary: Donna Spencer
Treasurer: Joy Guilford

The current members of the board of directors are:

Term ending in 2019:
Chloie Airoldi-Watters, Jill Tennant Anderson, Rebecca McCurdy, Garrett Bentley, Steven Rider, Jenny Asper Spatz

Term ending in 2020:
Dodi Payne, Marcus Phelps, James Pierce, Donna Spencer, Jessica Varney

Term ending in 2021:
Beth Booker, Pete Creel, Anna Geddes, Joy Guilford, Susie Laise Smith

Board Members Emeritus:
Chester Kilgore
Andy Anderson