Neighborhood Organization

In 1978 neighbors formed Old North Knoxville Inc. to work toward providing a safe, clean, and productive place to live, as well as to promote the preservation of the neighborhood. Old North Knoxville is designated as a National Historic District and much of the neighborhood is protected by H1 zoning.

Neighborhood activities include an annual Victorian holiday home tour, monthly potluck meetings, greenway and park cleanup days, street and alley cleanup days, a neighborhood watch program, and social events throughout the year.

Review the bylaws of Old North Knoxville Inc.

President: Pete Creel
Secretary: Donna Spencer
Treasurer: Joy Guilford

Board Members
Term ending in 2022

Chloie Airoldi-Watters, Garrett Bentley, Steven Rider, Jenny Asper Spatz, Debbie Stamey

Term ending in 2023
Kelly Arsenault, Sean Bolen, Margareth Olsson, Donna Spencer, Jessica Larsen Varney

Term ending in 2024
Veronica Cordell, Pete Creel, Joy Guilford, Maegan Martin Susie Laise Smith

Andy Anderson
Chester Kilgore (deceased)