Ice Cream Social At Guy B. Love Towers Fun For Everyone

There was fun for everyone at the Ice Cream Social at Guy. B. Love towers on May 19. ONK provided ice cream and toppings and many neighbors stepped up to serve. Some members of the neighborhood even provided fabulous live music. After the event, ONK received a note from Thomas Higens, the president of the Love Towers Fellowship Association:

“First I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Thomas Higens and I am the President of the Love Towers Fellowship Association. I have been lurking in the group for a while now but never felt the need to introduce myself until today. The Ice Cream Social that your organization put on today at Love Towers was something special. As you know our residents are for the most part elderly or disabled and do not really get the chance to socialize with neighborhood residents. Your kindness today has done much to liven their spirits. From the bottom of my heart I wish to offer my personal thanks for your efforts. May all good things beneath the sun and stars be laid upon your doorsteps.”